M2Mqtt project official web site !!

Finally,  M2Mqtt project with GnatMQ have their official web site !!


M2Mqtt library was born in the April 2013 from Paolo Patierno, Microsoft MVP for Windows Embedded, as an open source project hosted on CodePlex and after an year, it is one of the most used MQTT client for all .Net platform based products focused on Internet Of Things and M2M communication. Thanks to its support for all .Net Framework version (micro, compact and full), it could be used in a wide range of projects that need a communication protocol like MQTT between devices.


GnatMQ broker project was born in December 2013 from Paolo as an open source project hosted on CodePlex to develop an MQTT broker with M2Mqtt core. It is the first broker based on .Net Framework and developed in C# that can be used also on Windows Embedded Compact platforms thanks to the support for .Net Compact Framework.

Where we are going ?

Today both projects are supported by Embedded101 community of which Paolo is “board of director” member.

On this web site, all documentation, examples, related projects and case studies will be posted in the next weeks.

We’d like to share with all MQTT community, your experience with M2Mqtt usage, so if you have an hobbistic or professional project or you have used this library for demo purpose, contact us to publish it on our web site !



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