M2Mqtt and GnatMQ : new home, new version … new features !

M2Mqtt 4.2 and GnatMQ 1.1 … new releases … out !!

The real big changes are related to GnatMQ that supports SSL/TLS connections now !

Now you can instantiate the broker class passing it the server X509 certificate to accept only encrypted connections from clients (SSL 3.0 to TLS 1.2). However, this feature works only on .Net Framework version because WinRT APIs doesn’t support SSL/TLS connections on server side (only on client side).

Due to the shared code between GnatMQ and M2Mqtt, on the client side the above changes mean that now you can select the SSL/TLS protocol version you want to use to connect to an MQTT broker (from SSL 3.0 to TLS 1.2 but, of course, it depends on the framework and for example with .Net Micro Framework you have TLS 1.0 as higher version).

Last but not least, the projects have a new home on GitHub (moved from CodePlex) but remember that M2Mqtt is always part of Eclipse Paho project, the bigger project with all MQTT client implementations in all main different languages !

Of course … both new packages are on Nuget !

In summary …

The M2Mqtt client library is available :

The GnatMQ broker is available :

  • As open source project on GitHub;
  • As compiled assemblies on Nuget;

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