MQTT on Beaglebone with Windows Embedded Compact 2013


A friend of mine, David Vescovi, is working on a great Windows Embedded Compact 2013 BSP for Beaglebone board that is available as open source project on CodePlex.

This week, David blogged on Embedded101 community web site about an Internet of Things example with this board that uses MQTT protocol for communication. Of course, he used M2Mqtt library and particularly the M2Mqtt component for Windows Embedded Compact available here. Thanks to this component showed in the Platform Builder catalog items, it is very simple to include the .Net Compact Framework support for MQTT protocol into our operating system images and start with IoT.

David also used the GnatMQ broker that can run on a PC (x86 based) and on the same Beaglebone board (ARM based) thanks to the related project for .Net Compact Framework 3.9.

The sample shows how it is possibile to control the board remotely turning on and off some leds. Of course, it is only an example of what is possible to do mixing all the above features and in the real world you can think to control relays, turning fans on or off or some other things. The same example shows how it is possibile to send sensor data in a simulated way using a timer.

This is another great application of M2Mqtt project and it shows how the community loves it !