MQTT with .Net Gadgeteer

Great tutorial on using M2Mqtt client library and GnatMQ broker with .Net Gadgeteer by Microsoft MVP Blake McNeill (@mcneillb). He posted all the materials on GHI community web site and the video on his YouTube channel.

As he said on GHI web site …

This example uses 2 Gadgeteer devices, one acting as a controller and the other as a controlled device to demonstrate using MQTT (popular light weight messaging protocol used in IoT). The devices use @ppatierno open source M2Mqtt library which makes using MQTT easy with Gadgeteer. The devices have various controls to explore the different features of MQTT, such as Publishing/Subscribing to Topics, QoS Levels, Retained Messages, Sessions and Last Will.

I have used this demo against a number of different MQTT Brokers including Mosquitto, HiveMQ and @ppatierno GnatMQ (which I had installed on Azure according to his instructions here )