Hi all !

I’m Paolo Patierno the software engineer who works on M2Mqtt project on both client and broker side (GnatMQ). I’m Microsoft MVP on Windows Embedded and Internet of Things and my expertises goes from devices development to Cloud solutions for IoT.

If you like to know more about me, please follow my personal blog !


I’m also board of director member of the Embedde101 community focused on embedded and Internet of Thins


You can also follow me on Twitter !


2 thoughts on “Who

  1. Hi Paolo, im currently writing an article for a magazin about how to connect and use the benefits of the HoloLens and wearables.
    Im using your great library for the communication.
    So my question is, am i allowed to name your library or do you have any concerns about it?

    Thank you very much

    1. Hi Matthias,
      no concerns at all ! Can you contacted me when your article will be published ? I’m so curious to read it ! Thanks 😉

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